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Get British Style Under Your Belt

British style is much celebrated – but, perhaps, little understood. That’s not surprising for something so ineffable: how to put one’s finger on the perfect blend of timeless shapes with off-beat individuality? Effortless elegance, and intuitive chic?


Well, we’ve made it our mission to bottle precisely that. After years of working with the best materials and brightest minds, Scabal’s answer is clear – the devil, as they say, is in the detail. Fearless accessorizing, unexpected combinations and daring colors all have their place in a British closet, but it’s in their pairing with quintessential cuts and sophisticated separates that the magic really happens.


The rich heritage of English tailoring underpins every Scabal piece, statement, and classic both. This season Scabal has launched the Enfield, a traditional British Trench Coat luxuriating in a hounds-tooth check woven in our own Yorkshire Mill in 100% wool. This statement overcoat is 100% timeless – ideal to layer with winter separates, it’s available as part of our Made To Measure service. The freedom to personalize the size, and the coat’s fabric itself, makes for a piece as unique as its wearer. After all, British style’s all about individuality.


Scabal’s Gleneagle collection for Aw 19 lends an archetypally British palette that is pure 100% wool or a wool and cashmere combination. At a deliciously heavy 320 g fabric weight, Gleneagle weaves subtle shocks of olive green, orange and red check into its bases of blues, creams, and browns. Ideal for city living and rural escapes, Gleneagle fabrics epitomize the British style equation of classic refinement with an injection of unexpected detailing.

Gleneagle fabrics

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